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Brent Tor is a tor on the western edge of Dartmoor, approximately five miles (8 km) north of Tavistock, rising to 1100 ft (330m) above sea level. The Tor is surmounted by the Church of St Michael, the parish church of the village of Brentor, which lies below the Tor.

The Church of St Michel de Rupe ("Saint Michael of the Rock") atop the Tor dates to the 13th century, and measures 15 feet (4.6 m) wide and 37 feet (11 m) long. The tower is 40 feet (12 m) high[4] and houses five bells. At one point, the Church may have been used as a Beacon tower, used to spread word of enemies seen out to sea.

The Church has a capacity of approximately forty people. Although there is a newer (19th century) church in the village, which is used for many services, St Michael's is still used on Christmas Day, Easter Day and for Evensong during the summer. In 1995 the Church was struck by lightning, which caused extensive damage, but this has since been repaired.